Utopian Futures event – 12th June

Utopian Futures event – 12th June

Climate change can often seem like an insurmountable problem, with daunting challenges facing us at every turn. But what if we started focusing on the aspiring narratives of a just and sustainable future?

Welcome to our event promoting Utopian Futures – a vision of a better world that we can all work towards, together. 

Join us on Monday, June 12th to imagine a future where things turn out Okay. During the day, drop in and enjoy artwork, visit with local organizations, play some games, and get creative telling others about the future you imagine. There will also be coffee and pastries! 

Drop-In Time is from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

In the evening, watch a live play of a tabletop game by experts followed by a long-table discussion on imaginative and practical steps we can take toward building a better world. You will have a chance to play along as you watch and join the discussions as well. All of us play a role in facing and surmounting the challenges ahead. 

The game & Long-Table Discussion is from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

We hope that you will leave this event inspired to take actionable steps toward becoming a good ancestor to future generations. By shifting the narrative towards a positive/hopeful future, we, as individuals, are challenged to imagine what’s possible and strive to take action toward a more just and sustainable future. 

(This event is brought to you by the Edinburgh Futures Institute and the Edinburgh Earth Initiative as part of Scotland’s Climate Fringe Week. )

About the Game:

The evening will consist of experts playing a tabletop game, Solarpunk Futures, to engage them and the audience in a process of visionary social storytelling around the collective struggle required to win our utopia. The game employs backcasting in a “Festival of Remembrance”, whereby Assemblies for the Future (groups of 1-8 players) play for 45 minutes from the perspective of a future utopia in which they collectively “remember” how their Ancestors utilized Tools and Values to overcome a real-world Challenge.



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