Webinar – 14th June – the Chemical Pollution Crisis

Webinar – 14th June – the Chemical Pollution Crisis

CHEM Trust, Fidra and Breast Cancer UK would like to invite you to our upcoming webinar ‘The Chemical Pollution Crisis – opportunities for NGO impact’, on Wednesday 14th June at 11am-12pm.

The UK Government intends to publish its Chemicals Strategy by the end of the year, and while a formal public consultation will no longer take place, there are opportunities to input. The UK is diverging from EU standards at an alarming rate, particularly on hormone disrupting chemicals, and the Health and Safety Executive is recommending action on fewer PFAS – the ‘forever chemicals’ – compared to the EU. It is vital that the UK sets out a plan to protect people, wildlife, and the environment from hazardous chemicals, and prevent future pollution.

The webinar will provide updates on the UK’s chemical regulations, including the upcoming Chemicals Strategy and policy developments on PFAS. We will also discuss the increasing media coverage of chemical pollution, some top tips on how to communicate on harmful chemicals, and ways your organisation can get involved.


If there is anyone you feel would be interested in joining, please let me know and I will ensure we share formal invites.

Many thanks,



Hannah Evans (she/her)

Senior Project Officer

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