The Ethnic Minority Environmental Network (EMEN) creates connections between ethnic minority groups and individuals, and mainstream organisations addressing climate change and climate justice in Scotland. EMEN promotes local and national actions that address climate change while being more inclusive of ethnic minority voices. Join us today!      
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How Does EMEN Work?


A Fortnightly Newsletter

Our regular email only goes to EMEN members, and contains invaluable insights into upcoming events and workshops, blogs on best practice, and crucially an opportunity for network members to spread the word about their own events and achievements. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Being part of the EMEN platform allows ethnic minority organisations a unique opportunity to access funding, support and advice from mainstream environmental organisations in Scotland. We need your voice to be heard – EMEN gives you that chance. 


We host regular events bringing all of our stakeholders together. As a subscriber to EMEN, you’ll be the first to hear about training and support on offer, in person and online.
You can browse our upcoming events here.

Why Does EMEN Matter?


The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges we face. We help to create partnerships to protect the environment's health because it is inseparable from our daily lives. 



We work with people across Scotland to ensure climate justice. We care about the social, economic, public health, and other adverse impacts that climate change will cause. 


We work with diverse communities towards a low carbon society.
Climate change will change the way people live in their built and natural environments. 


We are working on a collective vision of a low carbon society.

Say Hello!

We want to work with organisations, public bodies and funders to tackle the threats and face our planet.
Get in touch with us for collaboration and partnership opportunities.


IPCC steps up warning on climate tipping points in leaked draft report.

Scientists increasingly concerned about thresholds beyond which recovery may become impossible.

Climate emissions results ‘alarming’ – serious action needed to meet target.

Media Statement from Stop Climate Chaos Scotland.

A marriage of (in)convenience’ – Nick Anim on centring racial justice in environmental movements.

This week we are speaking with Nick Anim of Transition Town Brixton about inclusion and diversity in the environmental movement with a focus on the tensions between environmental sustainability and racial justice.

Racism power and truth.

Experiences of people of colour in development.
Organisations need to reflect more deeply on the colonial roots of the international development and humanitarian system, which continues to insidiously perpetuate racism in the UK and beyond.

Nearly half UK’s carbon footprint is down to emissions from abroad.

Nearly half of the UK’s carbon footprint comes from emissions released overseas to satisfy UK-based consumption, according to a new WWF report. 

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The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust is a Quaker trust which supports people who address the root
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