Award for EMEN superstar, Zarina Ahmad!

Award for EMEN superstar, Zarina Ahmad!

Many of you will know Zarina, who was one of the main drivers in getting EMEN off the ground. Although Zarina no longer officially works at CEMVO as she pursues her PhD, we are very much still in touch and follow her work closely.

We are therefore extremely proud to note that she has recently been recognised with an Emma Goldman Award. The announcement reads:

Politics PhD researcher Zarina Ahmad was honoured with a 2022 Emma Goldman Snowball Award for innovative achievements in feminism and inequality research.

Zarina is a feminist activist against climate change and for equal rights for ethnic minorities. In her work, she promotes the inclusion of women belonging to an ethnic minority in solutions to climate change.

The award ceremony took place in Vienna on 6 September and can be watched via this link.

About the Emma Goldman Awards

In order to promote innovative research on feminist topics and inequality issues, the Dutch FLAX Foundation awards the Emma Goldman Award (endowed with EUR 50,000) and the Emma Goldman Snowball Award (endowed with EUR 10,000) to scientists from Europe every year. The awards were established in 2020 in memory of feminist activist Emma Goldman (1869-1940). Emma Goldman is considered one of the most important protagonists of American anarchism and the peace movement.

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