Nextdoor Nature Pioneers Programme

Nextdoor Nature Pioneers Programme

The Nextdoor Nature Pioneers Programme is: 

·       It’s a 6 month long, completely free training course. 

·       We’re focusing on community organising and the basics of creating positive change for nature. 

·       There’s a time commitment of roughly 1 hour per week. 

·       We will have 5 in person events and 5 webinars.  

·       By the end of the 6 months, participants will have started a project in their local areas to create change. 

·       You don’t need to be experienced in community organising or be knowledgeable about nature to apply! 

·       Applying takes around 5 minutes, and you can apply from Friday 1st September at this webpage or through calling Zóra Tamás on 07795220527. 

 Applications are open to 

·       People aged 16+ 

·       People living in areas ranked 1-5 on the SIMD along the East Coast, from Dundee – Aberdeen.

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