Welcome to 2023 with EMEN :)

Welcome to 2023 with EMEN :)

A very happy new year to you all!

2022 was a great year for EMEN, and also something of a blank canvas. After the upheaval of Covid, and with several new members of staff joining the team, it felt like a time of change and evolution. We are really grateful to everyone who has offered us advice and guidance as we have continued to keep the EMEN flame alive.

Now, as we enter 2023, we’re looking forward to what we can achieve this year. We’ll be doing this through three key strands of policy:

  • Energy – specifically heating.
  • Transport – with a focus on cycling, as Glasgow hosts the UCI Cycling World Championships.
  • Community & Climate.


These three themes will guide the policy work we undertake during the year, and our aim is to look at how a Just Transition can intersect with these three themes at a special conference in October – stay tuned for more details on this.

As always, we are looking to connect and collaborate with anyone who shares our vision that the voices of ethnic minority communities in Scotland should be at the forefront of the climate conversation. We look forward to working with you in this pivotal year.

Aekus, Andrew & Christopher

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